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Have you paid your 2017 Dues?
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Yes, it's true! Our HOA Dues are only $65 per year!!

How do our HOA Dues compare? 
A quick survey found the lowest HOA dues near our area was a home association with no common-area pools or other amenities, and the only items being provided by the HOA were Architectural Review, monthly weed control of the “common areas,” as well as the customary newsletters and insurance requirements.  This situation is very similar to ours here in 49ers.  HOWEVER, the dues for this other HOA are $30/month or $360/year per homeowner!  The difference is this comparable HOA is managed by a third-party Management Company and ours is managed by volunteers!

Hopefully you'll find our HOA Dues request of $5.42 per month, or $65 per year, VERY reasonable and, if you haven’t done so already, send in your Dues for the year ASAP.  H
elp us continue services such as: Security, Weed Control along Tanque Verde, Monthly Utilities for Entrance Lighting, Legal Counseling, Insurance, Postal-Box Rental, 49er Website, Printing, Postage, etc.  Despite all of our great volunteers and their efforts, none of these services are free!

There is a LOT of activity at the Club!
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Neighborhood Yard Sale!
April 8th, 7am-11am

Forty-Niners Country Club Estates Homeowners Association
8987 E Tanque Verde Rd. #309-169
Tucson , AZ 85749-9399

Dear 49er Neighbor-
On behalf of the 49ers Homeowners' Association, welcome to our community website!

We believe 49ers is a unique residential area that we all enjoy calling home.  In addition to being nestled in a mesquite grove and on a beautiful golf course, there is an old-fashioned and rare sense of community here.

To give you some history, the subdivision and property on which the golf course is located were platted and recorded in 1960.  The CC&Rs that you received from your title company when you closed escrow were recorded into public record in 1961.  In general the CC&Rs explained the developer's plan for the property and established some general guidelines for residence construction.  By 1963 there were 16 homes in the community.  There are 326 lots in 49er Country Club Estates and most of those lots now have homes on them.  There are also 43 residences in 49ers Guest Ranch, 17 in 49ers CC Estates II, and 7 in 49er CC Estates III.

Homeowners elect a Board of Directors that serves voluntarily.  In recent years the Association has concerned itself with successful flood abatement initiatives, road/transportation improvements for the community, security issues, community zoning issues, extending the CC&Rs to the year 2030m, and social activities.  The association regularly sponsors the 49er Adopt-A-Road program and has sponsored a community yard sale or social.  The Board meets regularly to focus on issues brought to its attention, and holds an annual “State of the Association” meeting for homeowners each January.

HOWEVER, you don't have to wait until our next meeting if you have a concern or thought you want to share!  Simply e-mail a member of your Board!
Membership in the association is just $65 per calendar year.  Membership Dues, paid in January but accepted at anytime, are used for weed control along Tanque Verde Rd., Security Patrols, legal costs, mailings, this website, etc.  Please mail your Annual Dues to the above address - none of this can happen without YOU.

Feel free to call any member of the Board if you ever have a question or concern about our community and check back here often to stay abreast of the latest news.

See you in the neighborhood!

Your 49er HOA Board 


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