Forty Niners Country Club Estates
Homeowners Association
Annual Budget

 HOA Budgeted Expenditures

AZ State Taxes & ACC Fee

$    60

Bank Fees

$    50

TEP - Lights

$   130





Neighborhood Security


Printing/HOA Correspondence

$   500


$   300

P.O. Box Rental

$   130

Web site (prorated)

$   120

Weed control

$ 1700

Neighborhood Social Activities



(Sign Restorations, Tree Trimming, envelopes, etc.)

$ 2500

Total Expenses


 *Premium covers directors, architectural review committee and sheriff patrolling  

 Historically, approximately 200 homeowners join this association each year. At $65 per member per year, we bring in $13,000.  We fall SHORT of our above budget goals so... We are hoping that you see the additional benefits we are now bringing to our neighborhood and will join the Association!! This will give us enough funds to cover ALL of our expenses.

How do our HOA Dues compare?
A quick survey found the lowest HOA dues near our area was a home association with no common-area pools or other amenities, and the only items being provided by the HOA were Architectural Review, monthly weed control of the “common areas,” as well as the customary newsletters and insurance requirements. This situation is very similar to ours here in 49ers. HOWEVER, the dues for this other HOA are $30/month or $360/year per homeowner!  The difference is this comparable HOA is managed by a third-party Management Company and ours is managed by volunteers!

Hopefully then, you'll find our HOA Dues request of $5.42 per month, or $65 per year, VERY reasonable and, if you haven’t done so already, send in your Dues for the year ASAP. This way, we can continue to keep our weeds under control, and our streets a little safer.
Please send your $65 HOA dues to:

49er Country Club Estates HOA
8987 E. Tanque Verde Road #309-169
Tucson, AZ 85749




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