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Got Something to Sell or Give Away?

Have a service like babysitting, pet walking, yard care etc. to offer your neighbors??

Let us know, and we'll post it here FREE for you!
(Let us know when you are no longer offering the item or service so we can remove the ad - this page is for 49er Residents only!)


Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service. Your home or mine. Reasonable Rates. George Bubany at 749-0716 or 256-4158



WANTED:  Unused FABRIC, YARN or BATTING suitable for children's blankets.  Also, SEWING-CROCHET-KNITTING SUPPLIES or TOOLS, OFFICE SUPPLIES.  I am your neighbor, and the Assistant Coordinator for the Tucson Chapter of Project Linus, an all-volunteer non-profit, national organization.  We provide home-made knitted, crocheted, quilted fabric, and fleece blankets to Tucson-area children who are in traumatic situations.  We reach children ages 0-18 through 26 local hospitals, charities and agencies.  We also deliver blankets to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty, or to siblings of young, childless military personnel.  Jody Elmer 760-8852


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