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Hello 49ers Neighborhood Watch Participants,


Now may be your chance to make a difference!  We are in need of replacement Block Leaders for three areas in 49ers.  We would like to place new volunteers in these positions before the end of the year. There is not a lot of time involved in this volunteer position, and it allows you to participate in a community program.   If you are interested, please contact Bob Hastings at 229-1404.  Please leave me your name, address and daytime phone number, so that I may contact you to confirm and get necessary information for your application.  Please see below.  If your Block Area is missing a Block Leader, PLEASE consider volunteering!


As a reminder for all participants:

The Neighborhood Watch Program is primarily a program to promote neighborhood safety and security through awareness. A major element of the Neighborhood Watch Program is neighbors knowing neighbors, and to that end there are neighbors throughout the community who periodically provide opportunities for community projects and/or gatherings such as Neighborhood Teas and Block Parties, BBQ's, etc.  These invitations are sometimes provided through the Neighborhood Watch program, in order to enable thorough dissemination throughout the community.


The 49ers Neighborhood Watch Block Leaders meet annually to discuss area concerns.  Through those meetings, we have elected to include areas of residential security, personal safety, and community concerns in our communications.  To this end, we provide community alerts, newsletters, and yes, sometimes even lost & found animal reports.  However, the latter is not a primary purpose of the program, and it is at the discretion of the Area Leader whether these types of messages will be distributed using the Neighborhood Watch mailing list.  When these types of communications are sent to the Area Leader, every attempt is made to reunite owners without the use of the mailing list, which has been accomplished more often than not.


Our system is currently built around maintaining current contact information for each Block Area by our Block Leaders, and dissemination of information to participants via our 49er Neighborhood Watch Program Email List. In order not to over-use or abuse the system, messages are limited in quantity and length. Messages are sent via blind copy so your address will not be shared.  This list will never be shared for personal or commercial use.


Thank you to all our wonderful Block Leaders & Thank you for your participation in the 49ers Neighborhood Watch Program!



Program Requirements:


  • Resident of the 49ers Neighborhood Watch Program Area. 
  • Provide information for the Sheriff's Auxiliary background check. (Legal name, address, telephone no. DOB, Driver's License No.)
  • Attend two annual meetings - Annual 49ers HOA Meeting (JAN) & Annual Block Leaders Meeting (Next Meeting Date:TBA)
  • Maintain current contact information for residents in your Block Area who are participants in the program.
  • Invite new residents in your Block Area to participate.
  • Respond to requests for reports from the Area Leader as needed. (infrequent)
  • Be aware of Neighborhood Watch Area Alerts/Concerns.
  • Report Block Area concerns/incidents to the Area Leader.
  • Have an interest in helping in your local community!


     Under the leadership of Bob Hastings and with the support of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, we have an active Neighborhood Watch program.  Most streets in 49er’s have a Block Captain who has or will canvass that street to meet neighbors and inform them of the program.  The heart of Neighborhood Watch is “neighbors helping neighbors.”  This involves providing information on how to make a home safer, passing along reports and alerts from the Sheriff’s Department, reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement and, most importantly, watching out for each other and the neighborhood.

What is asked of you?  Be alert.  Know your neighbors and look out for each other. Keep abreast of information regarding possible suspicious or criminal activity in the area.  Our beautiful weather allows us to be out and about during the mornings, mid day and early evenings.  Neighborhood Watch simply asks that when you are out, you have a heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings – who is coming and going, unusual vehicles in the area, inappropriate activities around homes where you know the homeowner is away or anything that seems well out of the ordinary.  If so, a simple call to the Sheriff’s Department, using either the emergency or non-emergency numbers depending on the circumstances, puts the matter into the hands of trained professionals.  We partner with them, but they have the responsibility to take whatever action is needed. living alone.  If you have such a neighbor, perhaps you can arrange some system of signals to be assured that everything is all right.  Phone calls at a specific time of day; placement of window shades or other simple devices are all that is needed.  Let’s all be neighbors helping neighbors. 


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