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Long ago... Before there was a wall along Tanque Verde Road, before there was a "49ers Fairway Lane" and before there were any homes on the east side of Conestoga south of Tanque Verde, the open northern border of our community was a mess! Weeds and trash lined Tanque Verde Road and our “front door” was anything but attractive...


In 1994 the Forty Niners Adopt-A-Road program was created by a 49ers resident.  Our "adopted road" runs along Tanque Verde road from Wentworth on the east to Conestoga on the west.  The homeowners association agreed to sponsor the program by purchasing pick-up sticks for use by volunteers.

We hold 2-3 road cleanups a year with volunteers from the community providing all the manpower. On publicized clean-up dates (usually a Saturday Morning - check the Community Calendar) volunteers gather at the club parking lot in work clothes with work gloves. The group is quickly organized, provided pick-up sticks, safety vests and trash bags, and transported to various starting points along our area of responsibility. It usually takes about an hour to clean the road.

Pima County requires that the program be supervised by a trained volunteer and issues a permit to cover the two-year period for which the training is valid. They also supply safety vests and trash bags. Shortly after the completion of the cleanup the county picks up our filled bags and the roadside looks GREAT (until the litter accumulates again).

So please join us at our next clean-up - it doesn't take long and is nice way to meet some of your neighbors!